Discovering A Roof Leak

leaking Roof

A leak is not the end of the world. Use common sense. If damage can be minimized, the disruption and down time can be minimized as well. The inconvenience of the having to deal with the leak can be minimized with prompt attention to the leak. First, move anything that can be damaged by direct moisture. This includes computers, filing cabinets, desks, chairs, pictures on the wall, ect. Buckets and plastic should be used to catch the water. It might be worthwhile to utilize a wet vac to reduce the potential for permanent damage to the carpet or flooring.

  1. In order to control where the water will fall, attach a piece of string, chain or a string of paper clips near the stream of water and then let that dangle into a bucket. The water should follow the string, thus minimizing further water damage.
  2. Drill a hole in the ceiling in order to allow the water to flow through. This will prevent water from spreading along the top of the ceiling, thus preventing the ceiling from becoming saturated with water. A ceiling that is allowed to become saturated poses a danger of collapsing.

The idea is to minimize the damage being caused by the leak.

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